UX/UI Design (UX/UI)

Course Description

This course will teach students how to develop conceptual and practical skills in experience design for interactive customer business applications. Designing an application interface is crucial to the application development process. It saves time for developers to be able to finish the project by the scheduled deadline which is useful for enterprise customers' business.

However, which design tools or platforms should be used and how to meet specific design and project requirements for customer needs effectively?

This course will let students build abilities in User Experience Design (UX Design) by identifying and exploring user needs in contemporary digital applications. Students will first define the user's problem and hypothesize solutions to address the problems prior to analyzing and addressing end users and content requirements. Students will work through concept development, prototyping, validation, and testing phases to create and refine User-Centered Design solutions for interactive real-life design.

Course Overview 







Fee and scholarship 

$ 5,000.00  

Note: Students be able to apply for a scholarship. 

Curriculum Details

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Learning Outcome

  • Cover the theory and practice of contemporary UX Design 
  • Learn through front-end development coding practices to boost your skill set immediately. 
  • Craft compelling interactive experiences for web, mobile and social media 
  • Strengthen your design, scripting, and development skills by consistently producing work 
  • Develop strategic thinking skills to approach problems from different perspectivest, 
  • Apply research skills to test and evaluate user experiences 
  • Gain insights into the theory behind user-experience design 
  • Develop communication skills necessary to transfer complex ideas. 
  • Experiment with new and emerging technologies to develop best practice. 
  • know how to build a good relationship with everyone by using positive thinking and a teamwork spirit. 


  • High school graduate or equivalent certification 
  • Cambodian citizen 
  • Commitment to completing the training course, including the Japanese curriculum 
  • Basic skills in related courses and tech-savviness 
  • English proficiency 

Career Expectation

  • Senior UX/UI Designer or Manager for a department 
  • Creative Content Specialist 
  • Digital designer 
  • Front-end developer 
  • Front-end designer 
  • Graphic designer (digital agency) 
  • Interaction designer 
  • Interactive media designer 
  • UX/UI Consultant or Outsourcing 
  • Starting up own business with SME Business size 


Title program:
Mode of Study:
Schedule of Study:
Associate Degree
1 year and half
Physical Class
Mon-Fri, 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM