Tuition Fees for Academic

Tuition Fee


Professional (Physical)



Associate Degree

Upskilling Program

Tuition Fee

$ 4,500.00

$ 4,000.00

$ 5,000.00

$ 3,500.00

Enrollment Fee

$ 450.00

$ 400.00

$ 500.00

$ 350.00

Enrollment Fee Payment

TGI requires all students to pay an enrollment fee for each program or course after signing a scholarship agreement prior to the beginning of their academic studies. Enrollment fees are not included in the scholarship offered.

Credit Repayment

For students who fail a subject, retaking the subject incurs a USD 200 tuition fee for a subject with 3 credits.

Late Payment Conditions

Students are required to pay their tuition fees on time, if not they will be punished USD 10 per week. Students will be terminated from the list if their late payments exceed one month.