Welcome to TUX Global Institute

Message from President, Ham Sokly, TGI President

In early 2020, TUX Global Institute (TGI) was established in Cambodia which the vision is to provide high-quality education to Cambodian youth, to develop professional human resources in Cambodia and around the world, and to become one of Cambodia's top educational institutions. Under the leadership of previous chairman, advisors, and board of directors, I was trusted to take the lead of TGI's Academic Affairs to plan and execute its first three digital technology professional courses online in early 2021, and recently I have been appointed to become TGI's president to lead this institution moving forward with quality, standard and law compliance of Cambodia's MoEYS and Japan Standard.

Many thanks to our students who support our school; they are the future of our country, each with their own set of life goals; our school assists them in gaining knowledge of technology and humanity to help them achieve those goals. My interest in helping to improve TGI is to produce IT engineers for Cambodia's market demand, and I hope that we can collaborate and support curriculum development with local universities to help our students engage with all potential STEM Students, Cooperate Partnership or IT Industries for their career path opportunities and goals.

TGI is a desirable chance for students, in my opinion, because the institute offers skilling courses with professionalism, and our class incorporate subjects linked to humanity for assisting students become more knowledgeable in society. Our school also delivers internships with promising and high-quality partner companies, also TGI provides students with the necessary assistance to enable them to launch their businesses and offers chances for students who want to be innovators, scientists, or researchers.
Although the Coronavirus is prevalent, TGI still managed the lessons with capacity, and the lecturer gave their full assistance to guarantee that students still had the opportunity to learn. The school obtained assistance from all departments by utilizing an online platform to ensure that videos and attendance recording are standard and highly accurate. I would like to thank the Operation Team and Academic Affairs, in particular, for their significant support of the online classroom in terms of quality and efficacy. All lecturers were very committed to carrying out the lesson for students with motivation, and they encouraged students to join the online class until the end of each session.
Continuously, I would like to thank the TGI students for their hard work in class and congratulate each student on doing their best and graduating from our school. I applauded all the patient students, who studied hard, and who completed their work with dedication to achieving their own particularly goals that they had set for themselves since the beginning of the application process. I hope that all the students will have excellent opportunities to apply with our potential partnership companies, and I wish them the best of luck in their career paths to the IT industries, and to join the education sector that we have prepared for them after graduation. Ultimately, I wish them luck in their endeavors.
Ham Sokly
President, TUX Global Institute