Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Course Description

This course teaches the students how to develop advanced automated applications and practical knowledge to build an interactive application for enterprise application integrated into echo business with developing processes for saving time and useful with enterprise customers’ business requirements.

But which advanced algorithm, languages, and platforms should be used, and how to meet a specific customer need effectively?

This course will let students build a suite of skills and experience that will prepare them for a career as an AI expert developer by understanding the enterprise echo business with software application programming, Integrated development tools, software development kits, and software subsystems to be employed to develop database, e-commerce, and mobile applications. Learning activities in this course include online classroom, laboratory, and online tasks to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to write effective computer programs for information system applications.

This course offers a range of technical subjects with a focus on the major areas of AI – from Natural Language Processing to Robotics. You’ll identify and solve complex artificial intelligence software engineering problems and develop skills that are increasingly the mainstay of software engineering. It is founded on strong traditional and cutting-edge software engineering know-how, such as programming, Maths, and statistical knowledge, as well as ethics, social responsibility, and cognitive psychology. Working as a team, you’ll develop collaboration, negotiation, and research skills that you’ll take with you to the professional environment.

Course Overview







Fee and scholarship 

3,500.00 $

NOTE: Students are able to apply for scholarship offers for 50%, 75%, 100% according to the eligibility.

Curriculum Details

Learning Outcome

  • Make accurate predictions 
  • Build responsible Al to avoid potential ethical issues in the future 
  • Make robust machine learning models 
  • Explore different models for pattern recognition 
  • Soft skill for the great leader for working as a team 
  • Master the fundamentals of machine learning 
  • Discover the many important uses of data mining and visualization 
  • Work with natural language processing and speech recognition 
  • Ability to build an echo business application programing. 
  • Master the enterprise software application programming. 


Applicant must:  

  • Both Cambodian and Non-Cambodian residents who are interested in this course are eligible to apply  
  • Be able to commit to finishing the training course including the Japanese curriculum  
  • Have basic skills in related courses and a tech-savvy person.   
  • English proficiency   

Career Expectation

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Software Engineer with Echo Business
  • Systems Architect for Enterprise Company
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Soft Skills for the Great Leader for Working as Team


Title program:
Mode of study:
Schedule of Study:
Upskilling Program
10 months  
Physical Class
Mon-Fri, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM