TUX Global Institute

A Japanese-funded Technology Institute that provides education in technology and engineering.


TUX Global is a group of companies in Japan that has an initiative to contribute to the development of human resources in technology, to pay the courtesy to Cambodia and strengthen the relationship between the two countries in order to create values and opportunities for both parties. The great initiative has reached senior Japanese and Cambodian officials and with high locality. Thereafter, with the support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), funders, Japanese supporters, board of directors, and advisors as well as a shared vision and value of having human capital in technology and soft-skill in this fast evolution era of both countries, TUX Global Institute (TGI) was founded and established in 2020 having Mr. YUSUNOKI SHOJI as the Chairman, while Mr. Ham Sokly holds the position of President, and His Excellency SUSUMU Tai is the Honorary President. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


1. Our Vision

To provide high-quality education to Cambodian youth, to develop professional human resources in Cambodia and around the world, and to become one of the top educational institutions in Cambodia.

2. Our Mission

To bring innovation to Cambodia's IT schools in order to raise the standard of education for all Cambodian youth.

3. Our Core Value

"Own it- Do the right thing- Share your humanity".