Digital Marketing (DM)

Course Description

This course is teaching to students how to think strategically when it comes to social media and the SME business. Social media is integrated into our everyday lives and it plays an integral role in marketing everyone’s business.

But which social media platforms should use and how to engage the target audiences effectively?

The students will learn highly practical and experiential. They will develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy for the Business at this course. They will also have a new understanding of social media platforms, how to create targeted content to engage audiences, and how to monitor and track social media marketing performance

Course Overview 







Fee and scholarship 

$ 5,000.00  

Note: Students be able to apply for a scholarship. 

Curriculum Details

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Learning Outcome

  • Search Engine Optimization Applying
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Landscape
  • To understand how to use and create all DM Channels
  • Understanding Your Customers in the Digital Age
  • Social Media Platforms: Content, Paid and Organic Marketing
  • Digital Analytics: Tracking, monitoring, and reporting
  • The Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Know how to build a good relationship with everyone by using positive thinking and teamwork spirit.


Applicant must:  

  • A high school graduate/ungraduated or equivalent certification  
  • Be a Cambodian citizen  
  • Be able to commit to finishing the training course including the Japanese curriculum  
  • Have basic skills in related courses and a tech-savvy person.  
  • English proficiency  

Career Expectation

  • Digital Marketing or Brand Manager 
  • Digital Product or Digital Business Development Manager 
  • Digital Market Researcher or Digital Media Planner 
  • Digital Advertising or Promotions Manager 
  • Copywriter or Desktop Publisher 
  • Public Relations Manager 
  • Creative DM Senior or Manager 
  • Audit or Tracking report SEO for CEO 
  • DM Consultant or Outsourcing 
  • Starting up own business with SME Business size 


Title Program:
Mode of Study:
Schedule of Study:
Associate Degree
1 year and half
Physical Class
Mon-Fri, 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM