TSPR Program

TSPR Program

Nurturing Digital Leaders and Tech Talents

Tech Start-Up Project and Research (TSPR) Program equips and inspires TGI students with digital and entrepreneurial skills through immersive experience from advisors and esteemed judges including industry experts and external committees, so that they can become future great leaders and Tech Talents.

Empower Your Journey

Explore real-world projects, enhance your experience, creative problem-solving, earn certificates and awards, receive grants and support for further project development.

Key criteria

  • Groups must comprise 4 to 5 members (maximum of 5).
  • Each group member must possess distinct essential skills: Business, Creativity, and Technology.
  • At least 1 member must be from a different province.
  • At least 1 member must represent a different gender.

TSPR Program


Assist students in pitching their business ideas in order to build a group of like-minded individuals with comprehensive training over the course of six weeks.


Once the training is completed, there is another session with our esteemed mentors as they are guiding and supporting our TGI students to develop their innovative new startup business ideas to the next level.


During the three-week period, each group trained by our professional trainer, which helps them to have the right entrepreneurial mindset in addition to team formation, Business Model Canvas (BMC), data collection methods, and pitching skills.


A very critical stage of our TSPR and also the final stage. All the groups will have to pitch their business ideas with a creative solution in front of our respective judges. Each team will be evaluated based on our criteria.

Our Program activities